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Autumn is already

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Sro Mar 13, 2019 2:46 am    Temat postu: Autumn is already Odpowiedz z cytatem

Autumn is already awkward, and the new winter is coming. "Well, this is what is said on the calendar. In the afternoon, Xinyang, quietly climbed over the bamboo forest, the weaker kind. In the air, I can feel a little bit of his only, wilting breath. As if at any time, with this gloomy cloud, I couldn��t rest in the gray sky for a long time, and I looked sideways, and Yu Guang glanced down. I don��t know when, I was sitting in my chair. I couldn��t see him. What to do, I thought about flipping the book that I borrowed. I simply greeted each other and got out of bed. Sure enough, he was sitting there with the "Xiangxing Sanji" that he borrowed. As for how long I saw it, I didn't know it Cheap Cigarette Cartons. It was not more than half an hour anyway. Seeing him sitting, he no longer had to bear to bother him, so he went out with the red, innocent soft persimmon mixed in the bookshelf. I came to the balcony, opened the faucet, rinsed it for a while, then gently bite two, the taste is very sweet, like eating a piece of persimmon-flavored marshmallow, this kind of taste I like Taking advantage of the time of eating, standing on the sidelines A bit of the weak sunshine in the autumn. Although it is very weak, but because of his unremitting persistence, it is neutralizing the coldness that came from the early morning. I think, it is not hot or cold, not perfect. In the weather, I have no reason not to go out and walk around. I have no class to go out in the afternoon." I smiled and said, um, yes, I think the bedroom is too stuffy." He slowly closed up and prepared to go." While talking about the shoes that went out and went out, I looked at the window habitually. At this moment, the weak sun disappeared quietly, just as he came, only the dead gray sky was left. Xu was swallowed up by the gray sky, maybe it was a breeze that took him away. I just thought about it or not, don��t go! I am afraid of the rain. I made a frustrated sigh and drooped. Heading, a godless look! Just bring an umbrella," he said. I lifted my head down, and my eyes immediately recovered and shot a strange color. Um! I am going to get an umbrella," I said smugly. I thought he would see that the gloomy sky would not want to go, so he sighed. I didn't expect him to go, so I was very happy. After all, it was hard to meet one. Together, I wanted to go and see the like-minded friends who quickly found the blue plaid umbrella that was on the suitcase and took off a thin sweater and put it on the back of the stool. Then, as soon as he walked up, he quickly followed the wind in the late autumn of the aisle and brought a greeting in the winter Cigarette Wholesale. At the same time, he also brought a little care to the laurel tree planted next to the dormitory. The sky is still floating. There are many gray clouds, and the weak sun still doesn't know where to go. There are only a few people in and out of the bedroom door. The aunt who is at the door is playing with a mobile phone. A girl is squatting on the aunt's counter. I don't know what to do. There are many playgrounds in the distance. When people are playing basketball, the sound of playing basketball is echoing in this deadly gray sky. It is very curious that the osmanthus in the other places on the campus has already fallen Newport 100S Cigarettes, why are they only opened? Still so nothing, However, I thought about it. Rice has early maturity and late maturity. This flower is estimated to be the same, so there is no more entanglement. It��s all this kind of ��late laurel��, because of the few flowers, this The fragrance of the stock was a bit weaker, and it was so light that friends couldn��t feel that the fragrance came from her. I pointed to a row of trees that had been rowed at the crossroads, and the trees were faintly stacked with beige flowers Newports 100S. I don't know if this is a sweet-scented osmanthus tree?" I asked him in a suspicious tone. My eyes were slightly stunned Cigarettes Types. I was against these flowers, trees, plants, and not cold." He was a little embarrassed to say maybe, yes. I am sensitive to these lovely plants." But it doesn't matter. Last time a friend didn't know it!" "This is not a rare skill," I said with a smile. I thought about it because of the book that my grandfather gave me when I was young, and an app that my friend introduced to me thought about it and said that it was inexplicably pointing at the flowers and plants on the roadside. "Look, this is the carpet grass." "Yeah." "This is the beef grass." "Yeah." "This is the green, there is the meaning of the torch." "Zizihua" "Du Ying" "Vine" "You see! This is a ghost grass." "Playing in the grass as a child, this is the glue on the body. When you pull it out, there are many needle-like things sticking, do you remember?" "Well, remember"" Is there a hidden weapon? So call him a ghost!" "Dog tail grass! I know this." He laughed. I pointed to the grass from the other side, he erected his ears and listened to me from time to time. Of course, if I don't meet, I will go to ask my teacher. He listened patiently and didn't feel bored. Because the expressions on his face are all written with fun, surprise, and reverence. Of course, that respect is for nature, and what I appreciate is the respect. I was going to take a few ginkgo leaves and go to the supermarket to buy some snack fruits. On the way, he pointed to the village on the other side of the road, asked me if I had been there, and I happened to be bored before the weekend, and I went there once, so the new plan sprouted again. A pair of white-haired old people sitting next to the road, chatting about the sky, looking at the mountains in the distance, and looking at the vegetables they planted nearby, it is very harmonious. Hey! I saw that the old man didn��t, the days were very interesting.�� I said, my friend didn��t speak, but the face was a little smile. When my head hadn��t turned, I��m already approaching the old man. Suddenly I found out that "a pair of old people" was actually a pair of grandmothers. I immediately smiled on my face and speeded up my steps. I had to leave this awkward place quickly and throw a sentence "I have nothing." Said. "At the same time he followed behind, but also accelerated the pace, but it was a smile more happy. The ginkgo leaf here is not as
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