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I was surprised to hear

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Sro Mar 13, 2019 2:41 am    Temat postu: I was surprised to hear Odpowiedz z cytatem

I was surprised to hear the news of my friend's fracture, so I went to visit her. When I heard that she was lost because of the nighttime confusion on a barren hill Marlboro Cigarettes Website, I was curious about what happened at the time. Watching her in the inventory of her own shop, the store's things are all counted for sale, so I found out that her small store business also came to the end. I sat next to her, asked in detail, and got her thrilling. The horrible experience was taken lightly in her understatement. So, I imagined that on the dark mountain road, all kinds of strange shapes swayed in a confused road, the darkness lost the direction of friends, all kinds of rugged and thorny Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, missing mountains, let friends and companions Panic and scared. I don��t know how my friends used their hands and feet to climb the mountain. And it was raining at the time. The rain is muddy and the mountain road is long. Only the hand can catch the vines to climb, and because the rain is cemented, the feet are slippery, so friends and companions wrestle and walk in the mountains of the lost road. At the moment, I feel terrible when I think about it. She said: Because of the unevenness of her feet when she climbed, she licked her ankles and caused her feet to swollen. And because the hand did not hold steady, the stone on the mountain rolled to the toe, which caused a fracture. I asked with enthusiasm, how did the situation persist? She said that there is no way, she can only continue to walk with the support of her companions, and find a friend who is at home on the road, smile gently, and speak shallowly, as if it was not the story she had experienced. If I don't see her wrapped in thick feet, I also feel like listening to someone else's story. Friends always like to try things that others can't try, and they have a spirit of adventure. For example, she left the state-owned factory Wholesale Newports, discarding the inherent idea of ??the so-called eight-hour work system, and opened a small fried chicken shop. After two months of operation, she has been pondering how to innovate and how to improve. This adventure is even more letting her store have a fatal blow, prompting a small shop that is not too popular to enter the doorstep in advance. In fact, I admire my friends, always have bold thinking, have others The experience that I dare not try, has too many ideas to jump. She is always trying and failing. Looking at my friends, I suddenly felt that the failure was not terrible. The terrible thing is that I didn��t dare to face the failure. In fact, life is not an adventure, and it��s not climbing on a long and steep mountain road. . When you are on the long road of life, how can you know what dangers and dangers you will encounter. Just buried his head Newports Cigarettes Website, just go on, go to the head and break the blood, to touch a covered scar. However, the life that refuses to walk is truly pale and boring. Life always has to walk, and meet some setbacks. When I meet some miracles, I admire my friends. From her body, I have seen the spirit of not giving in. Today, we are all bumps and drifts on the rugged mountain roads, all kinds of attempts, so that I feel exhausted, but also feel the long road of novelty, the opportunities I met, some setbacks I met, some help I met, met Some kindness, some encounters, how can we fear and dodge. Welcome, cross the past, interpret your own life process, hurt, hurt, cry, still no regrets. As long as the walking steps have not stopped, as long as the scenery of life has not dissipated, we will face the rugged mountain road in the future, and go on, even if it is a barren mountain Cigarette Wholesalers, even if it is a thorny bush, as long as there is a star of light in front, we will not Fear, will not stop the footprints.
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