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The next day, the

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Czw Lut 28, 2019 7:39 am    Temat postu: The next day, the Odpowiedz z cytatem

The next day, the little girl went out. She used the long bamboo pole to explore the road. But after a while she lost her way. After all, she could not see anything. So she began to ask for help from passers-by, but no one responded, the little girl was terrified. At this moment, the other side of the bamboo pole was lifted up. The little girl had some more fear in her heart. What if she was a bad person? She took courage and asked, "Who are you?" The stranger did not answer. But the little girl's heart has settled down, because she believes that this stranger should be a child, because the stranger raised the head is very low. The little girl asked again: "Can you bring me to a blind school?" The stranger still did not answer. The little girl thought that a child should not lie to me. After a while, the other end of the bamboo pole was put down. Here, the little girl heard the sound of reading. Should it be here? The little girl thought. Then she said a thank you to the stranger in the direction, and then she went to the ground and knocked the bamboo pole away. this way, every day when the little girl goes to school, the stranger will pick up the other side of the bamboo pole and take her to the blind school. But one day, the little girl went to school as usual, and the other side of the bamboo pole suddenly became much higher. When the little girl panicked, she pulled the bamboo pole back and said, "Who are you?" "I am your aunt!" said the person at the other side of the bamboo pole Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. "Auntie?" "Yes, I have been helping you all the time. It is your stepmother. In order to let you accept her help and not let you fear, she used this method. Now she is ill, lying in the hospital. In, she called me to call me, just to ask me to guide you. She won't let me tell you, if you know what you're worried about, you can still recognize it because of the small details." little girl listened to the aunt's words and was moved to tears Marlboro Cigarettes that day, the little girl went to the flower shop and sold a bunch of carnations. Needless to say Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you all know who it is for.thers help my composition a sunny noon, my aunt went to the post office to take back the raincoat that I had forgotten yesterday. I helped my aunt to support the electric car. She forgot to pull the key, I didn't see it, so I accidentally moved the handlebar. The electric car fell, my arm was hit hard, I resisted, but the tears still ran out of disappointment. I tried to get the electric car up, but it was a waste of effort. I stood there dumbly, watching the electric car lying in pain. I have been waiting for a long time, but there is still no aunt in the post standing for a long time, I was a little tired and I fell. I looked up and looked at a large group of people along the road. I hope that I can have a good person to help me, but they only laughed and didn't see my weak figure. It seems that this is impossible, and I can only wait for my aunt to come out. Just when I was desperate, a strange uncle came towards me. He had nothing special with the normal person except the arm with the bandage. face was full of kind smiles. I stood up and he asked me kindly: "Children, what's the matter with you?" I saw that he was not like a bad person, he wiped his tears and said things briefly. After listening to it Newport Cigarettes Website, he wanted to help me lift the electric car, but he had a bandage on the other arm, and he was also in vain. So, he carefully let the electric car lie down. He said to me: "Children, don't worry, I will go find someone to help you." After he finished, he went to the front of the road and found an uncle. He told the uncle the following reasons. They came over again, another Uncle helped me to lift the electric car. I vaguely said: "Thank you!" But the noise on the road engulfed this sentence. Then the two uncles left. I waited for a while, my aunt finally came out, she saw me burst into tears and asked me: "Lai Lei, what happened to you?" I just had to answer, the uncle did not know where to go out and s others with a good love, as long as all of us continue to inject a clean spring of love into our society How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, then our society will be full of love. Will defin
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