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Dołączył: 20 Gru 2018
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RIO DE JANEIRO Cheap Men's Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Tan Cream , March 24 (Xinhua) -- The track cycling test event for this year's Olympic Games has been canceled due to logistical problems at Rio de Janeiro's new velodrome, officials said on Thursday.

The event, which had been scheduled for April 30 and May 1 will be replaced by a training opportunity from June 25 to 27, according to a statement on the official Rio 2016 website.

Rio 2016 communications chief Mario Andrada said the decision, taken in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee, was made due to delays in the installation of support structures.

"We had some logistical problems, such as unloading the wood into the venue and to install containers and offices, and we realized that it was too close for us to make sure that the track was perfectly installed," Andrada said.

Officials said the velodrome's structure was "fully ready" and awaiting only the assembly of the track. The venue is now expected to be fit for competition by the end of May.

"It's always better to be safe than sorry," Andrada said. "In this case, putting down the track in a hurry could cause a risk to the athletes so we took the tough decision. We are 120% confident that it will be ready for the Olympics."

Olympic track cycling will be held from August 11 to 16 and will be followed by the Paralympic competition from September 8 to 11.

In the world of slimming down there are lots of misconceptions thrown around, some more ridiculous than others. The problem is that if you actually believe these myths and put them into practice you might have a really hard time slimming down. As you read through this article you will find a lot of the myths that are just not true.

If you do physical exercise what you consume doesn’t matter. That is actually a false statement. Exercise is an important element to weight loss, however so is what you eat. When you consume to many calories or even sugars you will not be able to burn it off with physical exercise. Striking the right sense of balance between what you eat and your physical exercise is important, so make sure your nourishment is up to scratch!

You will shed weight quicker by not eating carbohydrates. This is one more myth. You can take in whatever you want provided that it is done in moderation. Precisely what will matter is the total calories which you take in each day. This is very simple mathematics, when you consume a lesser amount of calories than you will be able to burn them off faster, however if you eat more calories than you burn you will end up gaining bodyweight. The carbohydrate rule may work for the short term but it will not last and it’s not good for you. Your best bet needless to say will be to try and eat mainly veggies and fruits.. Most processed foods contains a lot of calories and you will also find that it doesn’t fill you up.

If you want to slim down you’ll want to cut out the fat. This is the same as the carbohydrate misconception. You will want to cut back on your calories, where you receive these calories from does not make a difference. You will quickly realize that fats help to generate hormones our bodies need and you will also discover that cutting out fat can make you rather moody. If you do not eat enough fat you will find that you are in a bad mood and you probably won’t have much energy. Make an effort to eat wholesome fats, like those found in avocados or nuts, rather than unhealthy ones, found in junk food.

If your a cigarette smoker don’t give up when you’re dieting as you will gain weight instead. This is simply untrue! While it is a fact that a number of people will gain weight, others do not it just depends on the sort of person you are and how your will power is. Some people actually slim down when they stop. Nicotine can have a very little effect on the metabolic process however it’s very minimal. If you want to quit smoking, then quit, but don’t let that impact the amount of calories you ingest every day.

If you would like to slim down you will need a wide range of exercise. Not accurate. You don’t have to do long, strenuous workout routines to burn off calories! Merely walking will burn calories and help you lose weight, so will cleaning your house among other things. Extreme exercise will help nevertheless it isn’t necessary.

Low fat and also fat free meals will make you drop those pounds. Well, that is not quite accurate. Again you’ll want to keep track of your calories and some fat free foods actually have more calories than other food items. These foods contain calories irrespective of how you want to look at it and calories is precisely what it is all about. Don’t forget fat free foods have got calories and taking in too much of these foods will make you add pounds.

These are just a few of the common myths you will find when it comes to men and women trying to lose weight. Using your common sense on the subject of weight loss is very important.

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LONDON, March 26 (Xinhua) -- English Premier League clubs posted a pre-tax profit last season for the first time in 15 years thanks to surging television cash and a slowing of wage growth.

According to a report released by business advisory firm Deloitte on Thursday, the 20 teams in 2013-14 generated a combined pre-tax profit of 283 million US dollars -- the first profit since 1999.

The 2013-14 season was the start of three-year television deals worth more than 8 billion US dollars for the world's richest soccer league.

Despite the huge rise in revenue, clubs have exercised a deal of restraint in their spending on player wages, which grew by six percent to 2.8 billion US dollars. The wages-to-revenue ratio fell to 58 percent -- the lowest since the 1998-99 season, when the clubs were last collectively in profit.

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