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thunder electricity female legendary

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Dołączył: 04 Sie 2016
Posty: 132

PostWysłany: Sob Maj 27, 2017 5:10 pm    Temat postu: thunder electricity female legendary Odpowiedz z cytatem

n of some special forbid to curse, defendoof dint still just the soil fasten sorcery on, three again match to forbid to curse down, Wei can with infinite approach spirit, bomb ground east emperor's clock naturally impossible, but the hard anti- comes down, with the real strenght of the absolute being emperor unless completely urge east the Wei of emperor's clock, otherwise still almost.

"Accumulate soil to become mountain, layer upon Chris Long Jersey layer of peaks and knolls, the ground moves mountain to shake, the town seals."

Xu Tian unexpectedly with the ground fasten magic for lead, lead forehead numerous ground materials of big palace, the mountain of one and other ground locates at together and form a five long grass star sorcery big, east emperor prison in the clock prison crack down on inside.

Can't who let this is to fight on the ground, the sky in fairyland on soil chemical element little wretchedness, don't reserve under, forehead more than ten places are palatial be destroyed of not presentable son.

"Ha ha, if I return to dynasty in the sky, go to strong dismantle, the can block of live."

Is self-satisfied under, but Xu Tian's Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey subordinate have no unclear, fly to rush at a sky, avert from to surround of boundary absolute being in the sky will, lightly drink a way.

"The Nu of water absolute being, violent storm hurricane."

River in the sky at not distance, the endless water chemical element disadvantage is used, too sorry audience.

One regiment huge spirit falsely the shadow rise in Xu Tian's back, special god breathing awe wear boundary many fairies in sky, is making every effort to recall east the absolute being emperor facial expression of emperor's clock once again a change.

River in the sky is led, a way water dragon roars Legarrette Blount Jersey to fly from the river in sky, exactly 18 water dragons hover around by the side of Xu Tian Shen, Long Kou Da Dun piece, vomit numerous raindrop breeze blade water arrows time dollar to cut, spill toward many fairy absolute being.

Momentary many fairy absolute being be made by various uncanny attacks of fluster, sorcery usually is 1 flock offend of not two absolute being skills.

"Peng in the sky, river in the sky is your site, soon and soon let for a sky, the river is quiet."

River in the sky is a sky, field source place, drive Xu Tian so one lane, equaled to move groundwork, is a big forehead manager too platinum star how the ability isn't hasty.

Peng commander-in-chief in sky just Lie once the big Xiu jilted and kept from the universe in the Xiu one handle nine Chi white the jade nailed rake, once the palm gave, drop slips away of revolved to become big, directly jilted into among the river in sky.

Slowly the sky impressively discovers that water dragon unexpectedly has already been free from a control disintegration evidence, the heart knows that the fairyland sorcery allows of no small Qu , before water dragon disintegrates, leads off water self-preservation dragon.

The Cu cannot compares with to defend under, immediately ascend 100 fairy absolute beings are killed of whole body covered with wounds, with cuts and bruises all over, lost combat.

The sky one Be huge to ring, a sky of thunder is a head to hit bottom, a god of thunder mouth carry body double wings on a god of thunder mouth's back of strange ugly male the absolute being hand hold thunder fork, body side a female fairy raise electricity to shear, the shot beats together and a thunder and lightning to split toward Xu Tian.

"The god of thunder electricity female legendary myth person unexpectedly and really exists."Xu Tian is getting more shocked, result Huang absolute being under be held up by thunder in the sky body to split into a palace and directly bump to fall half palace.

"28 constellations, the cloth, capture to kill Evil-doer."

Have been watching from the sidelines the boundary absolute being that didn't make moves in 28 days will, incarnation quickly passing time, round and round surround that ruins palace.

Didn't°yet cloth, Xu Tian the incarnation Laser in the sky goes int
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