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Flair's career

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the Arthur post being
CLEVELAND -- LeBron James offered a tongue-in-cheek explanation of a social media post, Dwyane Wade offered a sincere apology to Cleveland fans, and the Cavaliers outlasted the Milwaukee Bucks 124-119 on Tuesday to climb back within a game of .500 at 5-6.

James' name was in the news in the last 24 hours less for his impending matchup with Giannis Antetokounmpo or tying Michael Jordan's career total of 1,072 games played and more for an Instagram post featuring Arthur the Aardvark's clenched fist that he published on Monday night"I like Arthur," James said when asked to explain the post after putting up 30 points, nine assists and eight rebounds against the Bucks. "That's OK, right?"
Before the pithy postgame response, speculation ran rampant about what James was referring to. Could it be he was upset with the way his team started the season so poorly? Was the timing of the post - just minutes after Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks to earn their ninth straight win Monday - tied to James' opinion of the Irving trade? Was it prompted by something unrelated to basketball, possibly the cause of him missing shootaround Tuesday morning for a "personal matter," according to a team spokesman
Hours earlier, "The New York Post" published a story describing an alleged private message exchange between James and a female model over social media.
And, when he Guy Lafleur Womens Jersey wasn't on the court when his name was called during player introductions for the second straight game, more eyebrows were raised.
Much like his explanation for the Arthur post being far simpler than many assumed, he said that the intro absences were because he just happened to still be in the restroom at that time the last two gamesAs the final seconds ticked off the Cavs' win over the Bucks, James hurled the ball up into the air, but he said that had more to do with him being frustrated over missing a late free throw than it did him being relieved that the day was finally over.
"That was just, the time was going out and I'm done with the game," James said. "I was definitely a little upset about the free throw but it wasn't the toss of the ball. I could've went 9-for-10 tonight and I blew it. I'll be all right."
Much like James took the blame for the missed freebie, Wade owned up to Cleveland's spotty start and promised better times ahead.
"We apologize for the way we started the season," Wade said, addressing the postgame crowd, during an interview with Cavs in-arena announcer Ahmad Crump shown on the video board.
"But we're getting betterIndeed, they were much improved against Milwaukee. JR Smith, who came into the night averaging a career-low 5.3 points on a career-worst 27.5 percent shooting, scored a season-high 20 points and went 7-for-12 from the field.
"'The hell with it,'" Smith recalled as what he told himself before the game for motivation. "'I'm going to go back to my old way of playing, just shoot, shoot, shoot and see if I can get myself out of this thing.'"
Kevin Love set season highs in points (32) and rebounds (16). And the Cavs, which came into the game ranked 24th in team 3-point percentage (33.4 percent), shot a sharp 50 percent from deep (9-for-1Cool.
"In my experience, what I've learned is that you're going to go through Guy Lafleur Womens Jersey different things throughout the year," Wade said. "This was the first one. The first 10 or 11 games we went through something. For our fans that come and support us, we failed them by not winning enough games at home and not giving them enough to cheer about. But now we move on from this phase hopefully and we move into another one. Then we will have another something and we will have to figure out as a team how to get over that. But at the end of the day we're all getting over it together. We are all out there togetherRic Flair, the 16-time world champion -- the Rolex-wearing, diamond-ring-wearing, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying son of a gun -- is an icon who transcended the world of wrestling and continues to make an impact on pop culture.
The persona and the real man are hard to separate, which is clear to see in the upcoming 30 for 30 "Nature Boy", which debuts Tuesday night on ESPN at 10 p.m. ET. He lived an opulent life both inside and outside of the ring, and one of the most iconic elements of Flair's larger than life presentation were the wide variety of custom-made robes he wore to the ring, with trunks and knee pads to match.
There were dozens of robes in Flair's collection at various points in his career, but we've zeroed in on seven particular looks from a variety of eras in Flair's career. They represent a cross-section of his biggest moments, and most memorable looks -- each one vastly different from the other, and evidence of just how big Flair went with everything he did in lifeA year-and-a-half before the then-WWF produced Vince McMahon's vision for the biggest wrestling spectacle in the world, Starrcade was the NWA and Jim Crockett Promotions' effort to create a spectacle and a showcase for their top performers. On the night of Thanksgiving in 1983, Flair headlined the super-show at the Greensboro Coliseum against NWA champion Harley Race inside of a steel cage, and former NWA champion Gene Kiniski served as special guest referee.
The NWA spared no expense, with his iconic entrance theme blaring, a light show, a giant disco ball, pyrotechnics and a smoke machine for Flair's dramatic entrance. If that didn't make it clear that he was the star attraction of the evening, Starrcade '83 was also branded, "A Flair for the Gold." As venues all over the southern United States watched on closed circuit, as did an announced live crowd of 16,000 in attendance, Flair defeated Race despite being bloodied, and began his second run as NWA champion.
The light blue robe he wore for this iconic moment in his career was also, coincidentally or not, the robe Flair wore on Sept. 17, 1981 when he defeated Dusty Rhodes to win his first NWA championship in Kansas City, KanMost of Ric Flair's iconic robes had recognizable, repeated patterns, but he also wore a few outliers that go beyond even the standard level of Flair bombast.
He had a few different animal-themed robes in green, but the most outlandish and instantly recognizable look of that bunch featured lions on the front and sleeves of the robe -- and an appropriately tan-shaded fur lining to the collar and sleeves to match. The most famous instance of Flair wearing this robe was a milestone match in a series against future Four Horsemen compatriot Barry Windham for NWA territory Championship Wrestling from Florida.
In what was ultimately recognized as Wrestling Observer's best match of 1986, and the first Flair match to receive its "5-star"-match designation (on a scale of 0 to 5), Flair and Windham battled for more than 40 minutes before the match ended in a double countout. They'd face off again in April 1987 at the Crockett Cup in Baltimore, with Flair picking up the pinfall victory in another "5-star" matchThere are a few robes that pop up over and over again in Ric Flair's career, and the black-and-white robe that Flair wore for the bulk of his then-WWF run from 1991 to 1993 certainly ranks among the most recognizable.
Flair's performance in the 1992 Royal Rumble match is instantly memorable for any number of reasons, and it all started with the dramatic camera view that took viewers from the end of a long walkway and zoomed toward Flair in the blink of an eye. Flanked by Mr. Perfect, Flair entered at No. 3 and went face-to-face with the British Bulldog before the ring started to fill up. He'd be in the ring for an hour, in a match where only one other competitor (Roddy Piper) lasted even half that much time. With an unexpected assist from Hulk Hogan in the closing moments of the match, Flair dumped Sid Justice out of the ring and ended any doubts about who the "real world's champion" was.
The post-match promo, with "Mean" Gene Okerlund joined by Flair, Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan, made Flair's victory all the more iconic.
This robe would return for a number of other big moments in Flair's career (although several were big losses) including the match in which he lost the WWF title to Bret Hart (October 1992), his loss in a loser leaves WWF match against Mr. Perfect (January 1993) and Flair's steel cage match against Hulk Hogan at WCW's Halloween Havoc in 1994
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