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the notion that

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PostWysłany: Pon Lis 06, 2017 7:13 am    Temat postu: the notion that Odpowiedz z cytatem

hurdle Taylor faces
BEFORE THE 2011 NFL draft, a scout told Taylor his team might take him in the second round (he fell to Baltimore in the sixth) -- but only as a wide receiver. Taylor, the winningest quarterback in Virginia Tech history, was taken aback. "All I knew since age 5 was quarterback," he says. "I never even thought about playing another position."

While nearly 70 percent of players in the NFL are black, they currently make up 25 percent of the league's 32 starting quarterbacks, a slight uptick from recent years. There are a number of reasons for this disparity, ranging from socioeconomic forces to stereotypes about who should play the role. Many gifted young black quarterbacks are encouraged to switch positions-some in high school, and others-as may be the case with Louisville's Lamar Jackson-as a prerequisite for playing in the NFL. They're also compared with one another when they have little in common (take, for example, the notion that EJ Manuel, hardly a prolific rusher, is "the same" as Taylor) and are often described as leaning on their athletic gifts or being unable to read defenses. This spring new research from the University of Colorado found that people were more likely to believe a white quarterback was smarter than a black quarterback, even when cues were offered that both were exceptionally intelligent. Taylor recently told Chase Daniel Jersey The Buffalo News that he believes he's criticized in a different manner because of his race. "It's always going to be twice as bad just because of who I am -- an African-American quarterback."

"A lot of us aren't viewed as passers -- we're viewed as athletes," says Vick, who mentored Taylor, his fellow Virginia Tech alum. "I think it's unfair and unfortunate."
It's not the only hurdle Taylor faces. Dual-threat quarterbacks as a whole are still widely depicted as one-trick ponies, incapable of executing pro-style offenses. When it became clear this summer that the Panthers were looking to reduce Cam Newton's carries, Fox Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd compared him with Vick and Johnny Manziel and said running was "the easy, lazier way of playing QB." (Never mind the fact that Newton had led his team to the Super Bowl two seasons prior, rushing for 636 yards.) Some analysts have argued that Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL because teams don't want to rely on the read-option -- but the concept has worked beautifully in Kansas City and Houston, two of the more potent offenses in the league.
This summer the Bills installed a new offense, a West Coast-style scheme that asks Taylor to run less but involves bootlegs and rollouts that put him in motion before he throws. So far, the results have been mixed. The offensive line has struggled a bit, and McCoy, who thrived in 2015 and 2016, was bottled up for the first few weeks. The offense still uses a heavy dose of play-action (Taylor had a 116.6 passer rating on such plays after six games) but relies less heavily on the option. Through Week 7, the Bills had run the option just 18 times, versus 44 at the same point last year.
Some analysts have questioned whether the offense is best suited for Taylor's skills. One former personnel executive says Taylor would be explosive in a scheme like the Chiefs', which combines West Coast looks with designed runs and options. "If you allow the offense to evolve, you're better able to use this guy's strengths," he says. At times, he adds, it's been frustrating watching Taylor this year. "The problem right now is that it's almost like he's thinking too much and not playing," he says. "There's too many times where he's taken sacks and you're like, 'Get out of there!'"
Vick echoes the sentiment: "I think a lot of times quarterbacks get brainwashed into trying to be a pocket passer and distribute -- and that if you're taking off and running, you're not 'developing' as a QB. That can mess with you mentally. You get caught trying to stay in the pocket ... and you're playing in a boxMcCOY, ONE OF Taylor's closest friends on the Bills, likes to compare Taylor with Willie Beamen, the third-string quarterback in "Any Given Sunday" (played by Jamie Foxx) who comes off the bench when two veteran quarterbacks are injured. Even as Beamen flourishes, his place on the team remains precarious -- a position that Taylor has found himself in time after time.
During his freshman year at Virginia Tech, he was supposed to redshirt but was thrust into a starting role when Sean Glennon (the older brother of Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, who is currently outearning Chase Daniel Jersey Taylor) struggled to stay upright. Glennon was named the starter the following year, but Taylor found his way back onto the field, and the two split snaps for much of the season. "It wasn't fair -- it wasn't really good for anyone," former coach Frank Beamer says.
After landing in Baltimore as Joe Flacco's backup, Taylor spent four years visualizing what he would do if given the opportunity to start. But the situation never arose. "Joe ... he didn't get injured much," he deadpans. When his rookie contract expired in 2015, Taylor declined an opportunity to back up Peyton Manning in Denver so that he could compete for a starting Chase Daniel Jersey role in Buffalo. After outdueling Matt Cassel and Manuel in the preseason, he won the job, throwing for more than 3,000 yards, rushing for 568 and landing in the Pro Bowl as an alternate. The next summer, he signed a six-year, $92 million contract.
If Taylor's life were a movie like "Any Given Sunday," his story -- the story of a sweet, shy, undersized kid who bet on himself and won -- would've ended there. But his path has grown only rockier since. In 2016, the Bills were thrown into turmoil when coach Rex Ryan was fired before their final game of the season. Several crucial players, including Taylor's best receiver, Sammy Watkins, battled injuries. "We've never had the whole team together," McCoy says. "That's a credit to him, to put up solid numbers without your main weapons." Taylor himself played through part of the season with a sports hernia, and his statistics took a dip. Then, after he had his best outing of the year against Miami, the team benched him for the final game, ostensibly because it was worried about triggering the injury guarantee in his contract. Taylor -- who rarely complains, especially in public -- expressed dismay to the media. "It threw me. I didn't understand it at the time," he says now. "This business is weird when it comes to those types of things."
The tumult continued into the offseason, when the Bills asked him to restructure his contract (before, they could release him at little cost) and he took a $10 million pay cut. With his new deal, Taylor has a cap hit of just $9.7 million, which means the Bills are spending less on the position than all but 11 teams across the league, most of which employ quarterbacks on rookie contracts. At the time, Taylor said he trusted the organization to add talent around him. But this summer, Buffalo traded away Watkins for a cornerback, adding Jordan Matthews and Anquan Boldin (who retired two weeks later) to Chase Daniel Jersey his lackluster receiving corps. Ryan, now an analyst with ESPN, says the quarterback has never been afforded a true complement of talent. "I'm curious to see one day what this kid can actually do if he ever really gets some top guys around him," he says. "I think he'd be outstanding. Could he lead you to the playoffs? Absolutely. Could he take you all the way? I hope we find out one day."
Every football team is its own distinct ecosystem; the game involves so many interwoven parts, it's impossible to separate players from their context. Tom Brady and Rodgers can build masterpieces regardless of the tools they're given, but the vast majority of quarterbacks cannot -- including Taylor, who, at the start of the season, found himself bereft of surrounding talent again. Clay, his most reliable weapon, tore his meniscus in early October, and Matthews broke his thumb. Zay Jones, the team's second-round draft pick this year, struggled with drops. Then, on Halloween, the Bills shocked the league by trading for Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, a former first-round draft pick
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