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Then he circled around the

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available behind McCullers
Among the many things on the mind of Cal Wayne this past weekend, the Houston Astros ranked third or fourth. We met before Game 5 in a parking lot of a local sports bar starting to fill up with fans. I'd heard of him during my stay in Houston for the World Series: described as the best rapper in the city, famous inside the neighborhood where he grew up and basically anonymous outside the 281, 832 and 713 area codes. He's from the Cuney Homes, a famous, or infamous, housing project on the south side, and except for the nine years he lost to prison in four separate stints, he has spent his life trying to take his music to a wide enough audience to hit it big.

When I emailed him to ask to meet, my request was simple: Show me your city on a night the Astros play.clubhouse after the Dodgers' 3-1 win in Game 6 on Tuesday night before the rest of his teammates had even fin

He agreed and took his task seriously, wanting to make sure I saw the right places and understood the subtext around them. First we did a big loop around the major highlights, circling the tangle of freeways and flyovers, playing beats from his phone while he rapped over them as he drove. This sounds obvious, but it's astonishing to see a really talented rapper do that up close. He explained English was his best subject in school.
Sitting in the backseat of his Buick, Authentic Josh Kline Jersey he juggled multiple cell phones and social media accounts, the full-time work of being a hustling musician. The songs sell themselves -- if he can get them to people's ears. His music is best described as journalism, telling the struggles and joys of living in Houston in 2017. The songs are documents. His latest album, "Ghetto Superstar," is as close as the Third Ward will ever get to having a full-time beat writer: Someone who lives and works in the place he writes about, and someone whose fans believe gets it right.
Sunday was an especially big Authentic Josh Kline Jersey night for himHis new song was scheduled to be released at midnight, and while he tried hard to keep a calm exterior, he seemed anxious about the reaction. For an artist whose main calling card is his connection with the street, every release is a referendum.
We stopped off at Timmy Chan's to get some wings and rice and gravy. (We were saving his favorite chicken joint Frenchy's for a late night run after the game, he explained.) He ordered a combination rice, loaded with egg and all kinds of meat, and then he swung by his old neighborhood. An old friend saw him and stepped out into the street. We stopped to talk, and Cal Wayne invited him to the club later.
"I got a section," he told him.everyone available behind McCullers, which means Game 6 starter Justin Verlander could pitch and that Game 5 starter Dallas Keu
The guy seemed confused about why he'd have a party and then realized.aiming to hurt that worries him. His voice got low and a cloud passed over his f
"I'm tripping," he said. "I didn't even think about it's the World Series ..."really registered to this community. ItEverybody looks out for each other. Once the
"That's what I told you earlier," Cal Wayne said to me. "It hasn't really registered to this community. It's not a baseball city. If this was the Rockets, m-----f----- would be going crazyCal wanted to give some of his food to the guy, sensing he might need it. The guy turned down the first two offers to take some of Cal's rice but eventually accepted and thanked his friend.
"The Third Ward," Cal said, "it's genuine around here. Everybody looks out for each other. Once they see you're genuine and you didn't come to hurt nobody, you're cool."
He sighed and exhaled. It's when people do come aiming to hurt that worries him. His voice got low and a cloud passed over his face.
"There's so much beef stuff right now," he said.and those of other people he admired. He drove slow down Cleb
The sun went Authentic Josh Kline Jersey down and we kept riding, with him rapping his own songs and those of other people he admired. He drove slow down Cleburne Street, which runs behind the Cuney HomesSometimes, because he's respected by people on both sides of a particular issue, he said he gets asked to mediate gang disputes. But ever since he got back from prison this last time, he senses that while the younger gangsters still respect him, they don't look to him for advice. The kind of hold he's had on the streets is a fragile thing, one he fights to maintain and extend with each song. It's one thing for a national artist to put out music and see the reactions on the internet. Cal Wayne gets feedback face-to-face. He feels like the younger fellas don't want to hear him tell them to stand down.
"I Authentic Josh Kline Jersey understand that mentality because I was young once," Cal said. "But I tell em: 'I survived this long for a reason.'"the steam rising in the dark car. We followed a black Camaro that drove near Eman
As he talked, he ate his rice from the clamshell in his lap, the steam rising in the dark car. We followed a black Camaro that drove near Emancipation Park. He pulled into a corner store to get a lint roller so he'd look good when he got to the club. Then he circled around the neighborhood, making a few final stops to pick up some friends and family, until it was time to head for a place named Live Oak to watch the game. One of the people he invited was standing outside a corner store; Cal invited him to make sure he got somewhere safe, worried about a shooting tonight. He didn't want a kid to get shot just because he hasn't yet developed Cal's sophisticated radar for incoming trouble.
Waiting outside his uncle's house, Cal's phone rang. It was a collect call from a federal prison. He pressed nine to accept the charges
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