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Flowers express the

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Czw Sty 03, 2019 9:16 am    Temat postu: Flowers express the Odpowiedz z cytatem

Flowers express the sincere emotions between people. Flowers can pin their affection, friendship, love... In life, some people give flowers to "white angels"; some people give flowers to the uncles who provide food for us; Someone gave flowers to the elderly in the nursing home... and some people gave flowers to the famous singers. And I have to give flowers to my hard-working father.en works late into the night, so he always has a backache. One night, I couldn't sleep, and I went to my mom and dad's room. My parents�� room was still faintly visible. I thought it was forgotten to turn off the lights. When I walked into the room, my father was still working. Dad didn't notice my arrival because of his serious work. I inadvertently asked: "Dad, why are you still not sleeping?" Dad discovered me. "Dad wants to work! Why is the baby so late and not sleeping?" "I can't sleep," I said. "It��s too late to sleep, it��s bad, obedient, count the sheep in bed, and fall asleep later,�� Dad said. Suddenly, I accidentally bumped into my father's computer and immediately took it back Marlboro Red 100S Cheap Carton. The computer was as hot as a stove. Suddenly, my eyes were wet: the computer was so hot that my father had been working for hours, it was really hard! I don't know what happened, my heart was sour and returned to my room, the blurred light and shadow did not go out until I fell asleep Danger Of Newport eyes, my father is so hardworking, not only take time out of the week to patiently tutor my homework, but also often work late into the night... So, on that Thanksgiving Day Newport 100S Bulk Buy, I used my own pocket money to buy A carnation Marlboro 100 S Carton Ebay, give it to my dearest father. In the eyes of others, this carnation may not be as delicate as a rose, not as rich as a peony, but it is so precious to me, because it not only brings warmth to Dad, but also holds my deep love for Dad. ! I was amazed by a small partner I once had, and I had to give her a thumbs up. She is my good friend of the fifth grade - Wang Xiaomei.use Xiaomei can sing and dance, she won many awards in our school.ds, winning prizes for dancing, winning prizes for singing, and winning prizes for calligraphy...yang, I will dance with you! How are you looking?" Xiaomei looked at me with the look of hope. "Yes! But you have to dance your own dance." My voice just fell, and she danced like a butterfly. I saw her face red, the hair swayed easily with her body, her eyes flashed with brilliance, her mouth twitched slightly, her eyes twitched gently, and her arms swaying up and down made her look generous andi is nots our lunch at noon that day. I and Xiaomei just took the hot water and saw a small classmate standing on the fence and crying. Xiaomei quickly ran to her and asked her what happened. The little classmate did not want to say, but after repeated questioning by both of us Carton Of Newport Price, the little classmate finally opened the "Golden Mouth": "I don't move the basin. When I exercised in the morning, I had a few blisters on my feet." The baby cried and whispered. I saw Xiaomei��s words, and took the little girl��s basin and went downstairs. I hesitated to look at Xiaomei's own basin, and the little girl who was limping went down the is your heart so kind? How is your talent so colorful?
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