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The book is the ladder

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Czw Lis 22, 2018 9:46 am    Temat postu: The book is the ladder Odpowiedz z cytatem

The book is the ladder of progress for all mankind Cheap Cigarette." This is the book in the mind of golf; "The book is the nutrition of all mankind." This is Shakespeare's book; "Reading a good book is like giving a friend." It is the book in the mind of the family. In my mind, the book is a golden key, helping me to open the door of literature and broaden my horizons; the book is a leafy boat, where I am traveling in the ocean of knowledge; the book is my mentor and friend, tell me A life reasone, Xiaorui came to me and said to me: "Go, go out and go." I said to him with a book: "Go! I want to read." Xiaorui said unhappy: "Is there a book?" Look good, there is no play inside. Let's go!" I see this she said: "Have you heard of it?" The book has its own Yan Ruyu, the book has its own gold house. 'So you go play! Xiaorui said: "Forget it, you read a book. Then... I will watch it too!"like reading, the world of books is quiet, giving people a feeling of beauty Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. People can't help but immerse themselves in the ocean of is my best friend, because with the book, my life is full of happiness; because with the book, my brain ordinary book, it contains infinite power. The book is like our instructor enriching our horizons and adding a lot of good words us act Marlboro Red 100S Carton, study hard, believe it! Books will give you a wonderful has a cute and mischievous little white dog, we call it te. Its eyes are round and round like two black grapes. Its nose is small, like a small triangle. The claws are sharp! Stepping on the ground will leave a beautiful plum blossom Cigarette Wholesalers. Whenever a stranger knocks on the door, it will be happy with the owner of the "Wang Wang Wang"; whenever the family returns, it will welcome the other puppies, just take it and talk about it. It will find a warm place to sleep without any worries. No matter how you call it, it is like not hearing it, the left ear goes into the right ear and ignores you at all. Sometimes you want to tease it, even if you wake it up from no dreams, it doesn't care about you. When you let go, it's like a small ball that is lazily rolling to the side. Go to sleep and have a good dream Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. If its dreams are awake, when you see the master, you will stand by your feet and shake your tail to perform the goodry lively and playful. Whenever Mom drags the ground, its curiosity strongly encourages it. It will follow the mop and chase it. Once it catches up, it will bite. Every night, it ran down the slippers of our family and went down to the bed. The next morning, our whole family went barefoot on the floor looking for slippers.spite of this, we never blame it, watching it lively, innocent and lovely, like it is too late, how can it be angry with it!
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