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Last summer, I was invited to go to

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Pią Wrz 07, 2018 4:28 am    Temat postu: Last summer, I was invited to go to Odpowiedz z cytatem

Last summer, I was invited to go to a senior university to teach piano lessons Carton Of Marlboro Reds. A week later, a 70-year-old elder with a thin, white, two-browed eyebrows was required to transfer to the erhu. He leaned over the box and stood at the door of the classroom. It looked a bit tired and his eyes were a little red, but he insisted that he wanted to learn the piano, could keep up, and I must arrange him in the open space. .e vacant seat was once the seat of a female student in her 60s. She died of advanced liver cancer a month ago. The old man's hair is white and still awkward, like movie actor Qin Yi. She studied erhu for two years and she has been very professional. It is said that she likes the erhu to have been uneasy for a day, not to be able to sleep for a night, and her wife joked that she is a "little idiot." It is strange to say that since the "shift student" came, I often saw the shadow of "qin" in him. The old gentleman is also very serious about his work. From the piano to the bow, he asks if he doesn't understand. In addition, he also begged me to give him an extra hour of "small class" every week. "I pay the tuition." He repeatedly begged. Most of the old people who are here to learn the piano are very persistent, sometimes like er four hours of four hours a week, other students came home from school, and I found that every time he left the classroom Marlboro Red, he took the "Edelweiss" from beginning to end very seriously. . He pulled the rhythm smoothly and the tone was beautiful, but I don't know why. The rhythm is always half a beat slower than usual. It is long and low, like a person talking to another person, deeply and shallowly wandering around my heart. Once, I came out of the office and wanted to go home. In the classroom, the slow sound of "Edelweiss" sounded. I looked up from the glass on the door and found that the old gentleman was sitting and facing outwards Marlboro Gold. The sound of the piano that was high and low, and the sound of the piano slammed from his string, drifted out of the window, and the window was already The twilight grew thicker, and a few clouds quietly disappeared, seemingly afraid to block the sound of the piano from drifting further into the sky Wholesale Cigarettes. Suddenly the piano sound stopped, I saw the old man staying to continue learning. After half a year, he was aars and said to me like a child: "I want my wife too much! I play the piano every day, just want her to hear, let her happy, let She knew that I missed her... she went to heaven..." Later I knew that his wife was the "little idiot" whose hair was still white Marlboro Lights.
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