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The fish said: Freedom,

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Dołączył: 10 Mar 2018
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PostWysłany: Sob Sie 04, 2018 3:46 am    Temat postu: The fish said: Freedom, Odpowiedz z cytatem

The fish said: Freedom, swimming underwater, that is the value. The eagle said: The wings are high, and the sky is the same as the sky. The Buddha said: The net ventricle, tolerance and tolerance, is the value. And I said: Freedom is the value! Winning a piece of fragrant plum is valuable. In the lonely sky, it is dedicated to the world. The bamboo standing on the branch is valuable. It is aspirational for the ambition; the fragrant plum is valuable. The flower is dry, the insect sleeps, but it gives the humans a light and elegant leisure... Yes, although the flower is dry, although the bamboo is fallen, it still lives forever, in the world, selfless dedication! Freedom is really beautiful... The freedom of the body is free to go anywhere, but the mind is not necessarily free; the freedom of time is that you can freely shuttle through time, you can go back to the past and the present. , the future; freedom ito the high blue sky and sing! Sometimes, I am leaning on the window sill, looking at the free-flying birds in the sky with envy, how happy! Birds, you are carefree, unrestrained, no worries, no worries, you don't have to worry about everything, you can spread your wiut of the kindergarten and I was taken home Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I was locked in the home by the door of one after another. I had to kneel on the window sill and look at the children playing outside with envy. Share happiness with them. Now, when I saw a hydrogen balloon floating in the wind, I finally understood the true meaning of freedom. The balloon, although it bursts in the air at any time, is no longer a balloon for everyone to play with. A dangerous, but freely floating in the air Marlboro Cigarettes Online, no longer being beaten; I thought of the birds, they would rather hit the iron cage until they died, but still do not want to sing in the cage, which has been exchanged for abundance thing. Although my life is superior, what I often lack in my life is freedom. Maybe some people think that it is freedom to not arrange homework. No, the freedom I desire is not the reduction of homework, maybe, when it is small. In the hearts of today's parents, freedom has gradually faded away. Therefore, they do not have a pe to immerse herself in the game all day; she... "Get up, look at it now, it��s 5 o��clock, not yet Get up, don't you want to go to school? You will give me up." The girl had to endure her mother's reprimand, swallowing tears into her stomach. Get dressed quickly Online Cigarettes, wash and go to the book, read aloud! How boring this day is! "What are you doing? Don't you still write homework? Do you dare to watch TV? Your courage is getting bigger and bigger?" "The homework is finished." "Can you finish it?" Have you read a book? Go to the book. At this time, the girl was still looking at her favorite cartoons with great interest, so she didn��t listen carefully to what her mother was saying. The girl��s mother met and went up and picked up her ears and said, ��Look, you dare not, Go to the book. "The girl then sadly entered her room Newport Cigarettes, looked at the book, and had a taste in her heart. Although the girl was forced to study like this, the results were still not good, so the mother had beaten her. How sad she is in her heart! "What are you doing? How do you watch TV again? what? Write a homework or go to a book Cigarette Online, hurry up! "The girl is still indifferent. The mother sighed and yelled at her: "You give me a hurry. The girl suddenly cried: "Please don't take care of me any more!" Please give me the freedom to loosen! "The mother snorted for a while. The girl thought her mother was going to beat her. At this time, the mother said to her: "I'm sorry, daughter. I used to be wrong with my mother. I often manage you. Now I figured it own value. Please give me the power to live freely, please loosen me because I am worthy of youth!
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